Our Favorite Top 14 'American Idol' Performances

Our Favorite Top 14 'American Idol' Performances

Our Favorite Top 14 'American Idol' Performances

Which meant that the 17-year-old Idol hopeful had to pull off something big, splashy and unbelievable for her performance on Monday if she wanted to get a save. In the words of a small majority, Ashley is the better singer of the two and her skills behind the piano make her a contestant capable of going much farther in a professional career in the long run. This is just a reminder to viewers to vote for who they want to advance, and make sure it isn't left on judges to make a call.

Following Sunday's overnight vote, the seven contestants with the most votes by America will be revealed, securing their spot in the Top 10. Regardless of whether Katy Perry made the call based on Alyssa Raghu's singing "The One Who Got Away", it was her save to make.

Tears streamed down her face as Raghu shook her head, modestly refusing to accept the praise.

Bryan praised Alyssa, "our sauce", for the way she came back from past year and "retooled" her persona.

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"Alyssa, that was so attractive, and you have just grown into a gorgeous young woman", Perry shared. We're pulling for them, but at the same time you know that it is a competition and you can recognize the levels now. "I think just having the ball kind of drop and you stop and you kind of say wait a second, OK, we were top 14, this is insane".

The Top 10 will sing on a Disney-themed episode on Sunday. The other finalists are Walker Burroughs, Laci Kaye Booth, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Laine Hardy, Wade Cota, Alejandro Aranda, Uche, Dimitrius Graham and Madison Vanderburg.

"It's so insane to even be in the top 14 with the thousands of people that have auditioned, and the fact that we made it this far is just incredible", Ashley Hess told E!

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