PM meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel: 9 April 2019

PM meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel: 9 April 2019

PM meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel: 9 April 2019

Tuesday: Theresa May travels to Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then Paris for discussions with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The EU will demand Theresa May accepts a Brexit delay of at least nine months when she arrives in Brussels tomorrow evening, with leaders arguing there was "little reason to believe" any exit agreement can emerge from the chaos of Westminster before the summer.

Tusk's reference to Brexit holding up other European business, and other remarks later in his letter referring to ways to sideline this, reflect apparent serious concerns by France's Macron, who sees the continued failure of the Brexit process as overshadowing his attempts to reform Europe.

Meanwhile, European Council chief Donald Tusk is pushing for the 27 member states to offer a one-year "flexible" extension to Article 50 - the mechanism that signals the date when Britain leaves the EU - instead.

However, any extension beyond May 22 would require the United Kingdom to take part in European Union elections, which the British prime minister wants to avoid.

If the other European Union member states reject the request to delay Brexit to 30 June, then Britain has two choices - either leave the bloc without a deal or cancel Brexit altogether.

Back at home, May's ministers are in crisis talks with the Labour Party to try to break the deadlock on Brexit, more than a week after the United Kingdom was originally supposed to have left the EU.

Fiat Chrysler to pay Tesla to pool Carbon dioxide emissions, paper says
Emissions pooling is allowed under European Union rules, if manufacturers follow the correct application procedure. Other vehicle companies teaming up for the sake of regulations include Mazda Motor Corp and Toyota Motor Corp.

Number 10 said ministers and their shadow counterparts will continue cross-party talks later, as they try to break the Brexit deadlock.

The bill, which has received its final rubber stamp approval from Queen Elizabeth, gives MPs the chance to make legally binding changes to May's requested departure date during a debate scheduled for Tuesday. Leader Jeremy Corbyn, has complained that May has refused to move from her original so-called "red lines', whereas he has proposed a permanent customs union with the EU".

"To reach a resolution the likelihood is there will need to be flexibility from all sides", he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. There are some areas of common ground but there are also well-known areas of disagreement.

Though, little progress has been made from the cross-party talks.

"There is a lot of work going on at the moment in terms of identifying where we can move forward".

The council conclusions and Mr Tusk's letter also repeat that "in any event, the United Kingdom can revoke Article 50 at any time, as stated by the European Court of Justice".

A Day of Poll Order has been laid in Parliament, which is required by law for the vote to take place.

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