Remainer Takeover of Parliament Sees MPs Vote on Brexit Alternatives

Content image- Phnom Penh Post

Content image- Phnom Penh Post

None of the proposals earned a majority in the second round of so-called "indicative votes" to test Parliamentary support.

MPs voted in favour of MPs taking over Brexit business, a motion tabled by Sir Oliver, on March 25th which the government said would set a risky and disruptive constitutional precedent.

- Brexit Indicative Votes: What Are MPs Voting On Tonight? MPs are set to approve the business motion at 3:30pm with Wednesday blocked off for similar debates.

Speaker Bercow is yet to announce which options will be voted on.

Also proposed by Mr Baron, the United Kingdom would leave the European Union in a clean break if a withdrawal agreement is not made.

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Options included another referendum, seeking a customs union, staying in the single market, and potentially cancelling Brexit altogether if no deal could be agreed.

The votes were an attempt to forge an alternative to the government's rejected European Union divorce deal. That's Norway's relationship. The UK would remain part of the European Union single market and would retain freedom of movement.

Motion G: SNP MP Joanna Cherry joins with Tory Dominic Grieve and MPs from other parties with this plan to seek an extension to the Brexit process, and if this is not possible then Parliament will choose between either no-deal or revoking Article 50.

NO 292 to 191 Prevent no-deal (G): A process amendment, this would require a confirmatory vote in Parliament if the United Kingdom got to within two days of a no-deal Brexit.

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