Astronomers Discover ‘Extraordinary’ Black Hole That Is Warping Space

Astronomers Discover ‘Extraordinary’ Black Hole That Is Warping Space

Astronomers Discover ‘Extraordinary’ Black Hole That Is Warping Space

"We think the same physics should hold in other black holes and could be seen any time a spinning black hole is feeding rapidly from a gas reservoir that is not aligned with the black hole's rotation axis", Miller-Jones said.

The black hole, known as V404 Cygni, doesn't behave like others.

So what makes this one different? As that material heads towards the back hole, it forms a rotating accretion disk around the black hole.

That material ends up in a rotating stream of material around the black hole called an accretion disk.

Astronomers have spotted wildly wobbling jets of particles spewing out of a black hole, and they think this unusually rapid motion could be happening because the black hole's strong gravity is warping space around it. According to astronomers, V404 Cygni's jet material moves as fast as 60 percent of the speed of light.

A black hole has been observed in a feeding frenzy, drawing gas from a star and rapidly shooting out plasma in different directions.

In June 2015, we had a flawless opportunity to study this link.

There's a black hole that's about 8,000 light years away from Earth which has caught the eye of astronomers due to its really odd nature. It's called V404 Cygni, and in 2015, telescopes around the world stared in wonder as it woke from dormancy to devour material from a star over the course of a week.

Like a black hole isn't mysterious enough, researchers have now found one emitting rapidly-swinging jets.

That one event provided such a wealth of information that astronomers are still analysing it.

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The Very Long Baseline Array - 10 dishes stretching from the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean to Mauna Kea - was used to conduct the research.

"The incredible changes in brightness we saw in this JCMT and SMA data, and the model we created to explain these changes, provided key information needed to develop our imaging method for this paper" Tetarenko said. This is the equivalent of seeing a dollar coin in Sydney from a location in Perth.

"We should expect similar dynamics in any strongly-accreting black hole whose spin is misaligned with the inflowing gas, and we will have to take into account varying jet inclination angles when interpreting observations of black holes across the Universe". When there's an outburst, it means a large amount of material has fallen into the hole in a short period of time. Other observatories were only able to watch for a few hours.

But our research showed something unexpected.

"The results would fit in a scenario, also studied in recent computer simulations, where the accretion flow in the vicinity of the black hole and the jets can rotate together", says Kuulkers. That's relatively normal, what wasn't normal was the direction the matter was being sprayed. The jets' rapid direction changes led the team to alter their observation strategy. Credit: ICRAR and the University of Alberta.

For small black holes, you would never survive such a close approach anyway.

In the case of V404 Cygni, the accretion disc is about 10 million kilometres (6.2 million miles) across.

It's a bit like a spinning top that starts to wobble as it's slowing down, the researchers said.

V404 Cygni is about 8,000 light years away from Earth. The spinning black hole pulls spacetime (the green gridlines) around with it, causing the inner disk to precess like a spinning top, thereby redirecting the jets.

Artist's impression of a feeding stellar-mass black hole sucking material from its companion star. This can happen when a black hole is formed in a supernova explosion.

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