Chase deletes tweet offering unsolicited financial advice

Everyone's dragging Chase Bank for their tone deaf budgeting advice. Down with the man

Everyone's dragging Chase Bank for their tone deaf budgeting advice. Down with the man

Chase, America's largest bank, joined the #MondayMotivation conversation on Twitter by offering tips to save money.

A simple idea to provide motivation backfired for a bank.

In addition to deleting the original tweet, the bank did make an apology of sorts in a subsequent tweet, saying, "Our #MondayMotivation is to get better at #MondayMotivation tweets".

Rep. Katie Porter a Democrat from California said tweet reflected the fact the bank and Dimon are 'out of touch'. In the scripted tweet, a bank customer asks why their balance is low, with Chase chastising the customer for making everyday purchases like coffee, lunch, and cab fare.

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'They pay their workers barely enough to make rent, and then try to shame them into thinking it's their own fault for buying an occasional coffee, ' Porter said in an emailed statement. 'Thanks for the feedback Twitter world'.

A tweet from Chase was meant to encourage customers to save more money, but ended up badly missing the mark.

Porter concluded her CNN appearance Tuesday by questioning Dimon's commitment to ensuring "prosperity for every American family" by lowering health-care costs and increasing wages. In 2013, McDonald's was on the receiving end of public backlash after trying to teach its employees how to create a personal budget, which assumed they had to work two jobs to survive but also failed to account for such necessities as child care and groceries.

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