Climate-change activists disappointed after meeting with British environment minister

XR Sweden 
#ExtinctionRebellion die-in in central #Lund today

XR Sweden #ExtinctionRebellion die-in in central #Lund today

Members of campaign group Extinction Rebellion said "the rebellion has to continue" after a "disappointing" meeting with Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

The UK's chief advisory body on climate change is expected to recommend the.

They accused him of "a moral and political failure" after prior meetings with Labour's shadow John McDonnell and Sadiq Khan.

The House of Commons opposition day debate on climate change, which could see the United Kingdom parliament become the first in the world to declare such a national emergency, is set to be opened by the Labour leader with a passionate speech. But as the Labour leader who lost the 2015 election to David Cameron, he will also know that the public here are hostile to paying more green taxes and, in doing so, penalising the poor when the world's biggest polluters, like the US and China, are such reluctant reformers.

The group's key demands are for the government to "tell the truth" about climate change; for it to commit to reducing carbon emissions; and for a citizens assembly to oversee climate issues.

Representatives of Extinction rebellion met Michael Gove (right) today, following the Easter demonstrations across central London.

This came after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that the party will force a House of Commons vote on whether to declare an environmental and climate emergency following mass protests in London.

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He made clear then that he was ready to meet the protesters, saying: 'The point's been made, let's now have a serious conversation collectively about how we deal with this situation'.

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist behind the new wave of protests, called it "a great first step".

"The time to act is now, the challenge could not be clearer, Greta you have been heard", Mr Gove told the teenager.

Writing for Mirror Online ahead of Monday's meeting, the mayor said the protests had placed an "enormous burden" on police, but added: "I share the protesters' passion about tackling climate change and I absolutely agree that we need to do much more as a country, and fast".

Earlier protesters criticised Mr McDonnell after a meeting with the shadow chancellor.

'Our children's future is on the line.

'We wait to see if the Labour Party will act with the courage and determination needed in this moment'.

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