How to Upgrade Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification? ExamSnap Guide on Microsoft 70-743 Exam


If you already have MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 certificationor MCSA: Windows Server 2008 credential, you have a chance to upgrade your skills to one of the most coveted Microsoft certifications – MCSA: Windows Server 2016. To do so, you must clear 70-743 exam.

The Microsoft 70-743 exam is designed to help the candidates progress towards earning their MCSA certificate. When you pass this test, you prove that you have what it takes to perform key operations on Windows Server 2016. Being an exam that can be taken anywhere on earth provided you have the Internet connection, it is offered in a number of languages, including English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified).

This ExamSnapoverview will give you general information about the Microsoft 70-743 certification exam. Read on to learn more!

Exam details

You will excel in the 70-743 exam when you get a score above 700 out a maximum possible score of 1000. Microsoft has its own scale for performing this conversion. A score of 700 does not mean that you must answer 70% of the questions correctly. In fact, the percentage could vary from 50% to 80%. Typically, the total number of questions asked is about 50. The time limit is 2 hours.

Exam structure

The Microsoft 70-743 certification test is split into 10 sections. Unlike most other Microsoft exams, this test does not have specific percentage weights attached to each section. That means the questions may be sourced from all sections or just some of them. However, you must be ready to answer the questions from any of the following categories:

1.      Implementing Windows Containers

2.      Implementing Domain Name System

3.      Implementing Storage Solutions

4.      Implementing High Availability

5.      Installing Windows Servers in Compute and Host Environments

6.      Installing and Configuring AD DS

7.      Implementing Advanced Network Infrastructure

8.      Implementing Access Solutions and Identity Federation

9.      Implementing Remote Access Solutions and Network Connectivity

10.  Implementing Hyper-V

Make sure that you set aside a considerable amount of time because each of these segments has more detailed sub-categories. You can have a look at all of these sub-categories at the exam’s main web page.

Exam price

The candidates within the United States pay $165 for the test. If you are not within the USA, you can check the exam’s official web page to know your exact cost. This is because the prices for taking this certification test vary depending on one’s geographical location.

It is important to note that exam price does not factor in promotional offers or any discounts for members of the Microsoft Academy, the company’s partners, or Microsoft Certified Trainers. Furthermore, this price can be adjusted by Microsoft at their sole discretion. The company does not owe consumers any notice prior to the changes.

Exam rules and policies

Microsoft updated its cancellation policy in May 2017. With the new policy, the determination will be made based on how long it is to the set exam date. If you cancel the test within 5 business days to the exam date, you will be charged a fee. Any cancellation done within 24 hours to the scheduled time will result into forfeiting of the whole fee. Similarly, the candidates who skip (fail to take) their test will forfeit their exam fee. These individuals will need to schedule a retake. Thus, it is important to do some detailed self-evaluation before you decide that it is about time to schedule your exam. The students are always advised to take the training first. After that, schedule a test only if you have full confidence in your level of preparedness.

The test takers who fail to meet the passing score have the option of retaking the exam. If you fail to get the cut score for the test, you will be required to wait up to 24 hours before you can retake it.If you fail for the second time, Microsoft will lock you from retaking the exam until 14 days are over. The same period of time is imposed for the fourth and fifth retakes. You can use this period to go through some topics you feel may have made you not pass. When the fifth retake still returns as a fail, you may not be eligible to retake the exam until 12 months from the date of fail are over.

As you can see the retake policy is a bit lenient, but it is still wise to make sure that you pass at the first attempt. For that reason, only progress to schedule the test when you have full confidence in your skills.

It is important to note that one can be banned if he/she violates Microsoft’s exam policy or is involved in an activity that may be deemed a security threat to the certification program. A common mistake that the candidates make is the use of braindumps. Dumps refer to questions and answers that are aimed at ‘dumping’ them into your brain so that you can offload them in the main test. Microsoft strictly warns against their usage. In fact, the company is so serious about this that it developed algorithms to monitor how you respond to questions. Depending on your behavior, it can be determined whether or not you are using exam dumps and if so, penalties will be imposed.

Exam takers

The Microsoft 70-743 certification exam is targeted atthe IT professionals who are involved in implementing Windows Server 2016 services. These are candidates who already have the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 or the MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certificates. The students who take the test demonstrate that they are good at performing different Windows Server 2016 tasks, such as installation, computation, storage, networking, and identity functionality.

Preparation tips from ExamSnap

The candidates have a number of options when it comes to preparing for the Microsoft 70-743 certification exam. Different resources that you can use include:

·         Books/ study guides

·         Instructor-led training

·         Self-paced training

·         Video tutorials

·         Practice tests

·         Study forums

The general overview ofthe Microsoft 70-743 exam should help you in your preparation process. With enough dedication, you will excel in this test.To get the most reliable and consistent training materials, visit the ExamSnap platform. Here you will find fresh practice tests that will boost your knowledge and help you to feel more confident. ExamSnap is always here to help you reach your professional goals!

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