How to watch Mark Zuckerberg's F8 keynote today

Facebook Messenger is getting end-to-end encryption and a desktop app

Facebook Messenger is getting end-to-end encryption and a desktop app

In prior years F8 was always dedicated to showing off the latest plans Facebook had for its three main services: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. At the F8 conference in San Jose, California, the social media monolith laid the groundwork for that journey, introducing a series of new Messenger features.

Yahoo reported that he disagreed with Facebook's move to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger.

Beyond the enhancement to security, Facebook is planning to make the app dramatically better over the course of the year. "I get that a lot of people aren't sure we're serious about this". "I know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now, to put it lightly". "We are committed to doing this well and to starting a new chapter for our products". There's no clear timeline for when to expect these new features, but we will be hearing more about them at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference.

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Billed as a way to "see the websites and apps that send [Facebook] information when you use them, [and] delete this information from your account", Clear History appeared to be both a concession from the company and sign that it finally took user concerns at least somewhat seriously.

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Changes announced on Tuesday put groups at the centre of the experience and add dating, friend-making and events features meant to promote people getting together in real life, Facebook's new app head Fidji Simo told AFP.

And, Facebook's Messenger platform is getting a dedicated app for Windows and Mac computers with all the features of the mobile versions, including dark mode. The old FB Messenger was around 100MB in size, so that's a significant improvement. Under the see more drop down, you can access other Facebook features. Facebook aims to overhaul Messenger while also enhancing WhatsApp.

There has been talk about Facebook' efforts to consolidate its disparate app framework to a unified backend and create one master messaging platform for the company.

The Facebook app is being redesigned to make community groups central to the newsfeed - and the distinctive blue branding is going. It will supposedly launch in under two seconds, and is less than 30MB, which is around 70MB less than the current iteration.

The redesigned mobile app is live for United States users today, and the desktop version is coming later this year. However, as BuzzFeed News reported in February of this year, the entire feature was simply a hastily thrown together PR play.

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