New Black Ops 4 Season Operation Spectre Rising Detailed

Blackout map sees big update in Operation Spectre Returns with explosion of Hydro Dam By Keshav Bhat

Blackout map sees big update in Operation Spectre Returns with explosion of Hydro Dam By Keshav Bhat

The rise of Fortnite and PUBG has seemingly spread the battle royale fever to the giants that have started to implement similar modes in their titles.

Operation Spectre Rising is the newest Black Ops 4 operation coming to PS4 tomorrow, April 30.

Treyarch has not stated yet why they made this change to the Reserve Cases, but it does seem like it's a way to fill up the loot pool with a bunch of the same content, restricting players from earning some other new content types.

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The Operation Spectre Rising update, free to those who own the Black Ops 4 season pass (or available to purchase separately for those who don't), brings a new member to the roster of Black Ops 4 specialists available in multiplayer, and the character will be familiar to those with previous experience in Treyarch's history hopping series.

The Blackout map also gets a Wetworks update but don't mistake it for some rain and small splashes. On the upside, that means you can zip around on rafts.

New multplayer maps include Artifact in the southern region of Iceland, Masquerade in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, and the return of Black Ops 1's WMD map set on Mount Yamantau, Russia. And what update would be complete without new weapons, customization items, outfits, and even gestures. From multiplayer additions in the new Specialist, to new maps as well. Additionally, unlock new weapons, take on challenging new Zombies Gauntlets, and much more in Operation Spectre Rising. The Xbox One and PC release is usually one week after the PS4 launch, so expect it to drop on these platforms on May 7.

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