Trump Hails Economy as 'the Talk of the World'

Trump Hails Economy as 'the Talk of the World'

Trump Hails Economy as 'the Talk of the World'

Still, the pub set was surpassed by the GDP profit by President Donald Trump as proof his program is working.

"Happy Easter! I have never been happier or more content because your Country is doing so well, with an Economy that is the talk of the World and may be stronger than it has ever been before".

The economic performance, following disappointing growth rate of 2.2% percent in the fourth quarter of a year ago, came out strong despite a partial government shutdown that slowed some business activity for the first 25 days of 2019.

President Trump and his family has spent most the holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago, but they are returning to Washington, D.C., this afternoon, according to reports.

"GDP is an incredible number. -.trump, .economy.pdf">March 2019 poll. But remember this: Not only that, we have great growth - which is growth.

There are. The economy appears on better footing, a trade war between the planet's two biggest economies that seems closer to being resolved than it did at the start of the year, and provided developments in such important markets as China. We have great growth and also very, very low inflation.

For Trump, facing a weak approval rating, the applause at the economic front can be a shot in the arm for his re-election bid. Mr. Trump has criticized the Fed for raising rates four times in 2018, saying it hurt growth in the fourth quarter and contributed to the stock market plummet in December.

Abe, Trudeau extol Pacific trade pact without US
Trump said Japan exports cars with low tariffs to the United States, but does not buy agricultural products his country wants to export.

Democrats are also keenly aware of the boost that Trump could get from the economy.

Most Americans also feel that the US political system is skewed to reward the powerful - 72 percent of USA adults believe the American political system "works to benefit those in power" rather than "all people", the Post/ABC survey found.

But making that case may not be as compelling as Trump's message.

So the strong numbers help build Trump's best argument for 2020.

"We will tend to talk about things like paid leave and equal pay - and those things are all very popular policies", Lake said. In fact many economists expect the boost from the GOP-led, Trump-supported tax cuts to fade in the latter part of the year, and the possibility of an economically damaging trade war still lingers.

The White House Council of Economic Advisers said the GDP report "likely underestimates the current pace of economic growth" for the year because the first quarter is typically the slowest of the year. But he makes a point that the GDP report's highlight of low inflation is a vital tool for Trump. That worries the Federal Reserve Board a little bit, as it may be a sign of hidden weaknesses in the economy.

While Mr. Biden is arguing that the Trump economy is leaving behind certain groups, the president pointed out again Saturday night that the unemployment rate has reached historic lows for women, blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans. That is a good sign for Trump in bolstering his chances for the 2020 polls.

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