UK's Labour divided over whether to back new European Union referendum

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer led Labour’s team in cross-party Brexit talks on Monday

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer led Labour’s team in cross-party Brexit talks on Monday

It's not just Britain's Conservative government that has problems over Brexit.

The left-of-center party's governing executive met for five hours and decided that its election platform would be "fully in line" with Labour's existing policy.

Labour pledged at its conference previous year that it would back a second referendum only in the event that the country was heading for a no-deal Brexit or to prevent what it called a "damaging Tory (Conservative) Brexit".

His demand has piled the pressure on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to shift his party's stance before the 23 May polls.

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However, Conservative activists have already expressed that Mrs May twice delaying Brexit, refusing to leave the European Union on No Deal terms, and preferring to negotiate a compromise with the hard-left Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has already done significant damage to the party on the doorstep ahead of May 2nd's local elections, where the Tories are predicted to lose between 405 and 1,100 seats.

He told reporters: "In the last few days, most of my colleagues on the NEC have been inundated with thousands of emails from Labour members who are saying that Labour voters recognise the parliamentary failure and they think that the only way to break this impasse is a people's vote on any deal that parliament can agree". Lawmaker Jess Phillips said Labour would "get a drubbing" in upcoming elections if it didn't appeal to voters who want to remain in the EU. Mr. Corbyn and shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer inked a major agreement in February stating that Labour would agree that United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May's embattled Brexit deal "should be subject to the lock of a public vote". "It is clear that large, influential parts of the Labour leadership will not oppose Brexit". The U.K. was due to have left the bloc by now, but lawmakers have repeatedly rejected the government's divorce deal with the EU. Most economists believe that a no-deal Brexit would plunge Britain into recession as customs checks take effect at United Kingdom ports and tariffs are imposed on trade between the United Kingdom and the EU.

A recent YouGov poll has also found that more than half of those who voted for the Conservative Party in 2017's General Election are planning to vote for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party in May 23rd's European Parliament election - which the country did not anticipate taking part in, almost three years after the Leave vote. 19% said the Conservatives were neither pro nor anti-Brexit, and 20% said they didn't know. Both sides in negotiations remain divided over Labour's demands for a customs union with the European Union, as well as guarantees that future Conservative prime ministers would not cancel the deal.

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