Valve Index VR headset revealed with "flagship VR game" to come

Valve Index VR headset revealed with

Valve Index VR headset revealed with "flagship VR game" to come

Valve has published the complete specifications and details on their much anticipated VR Index headset with new controllers and base stations.

Don't expect Aperture Hand Labs to be a full Portal game. Per the software juggernaut, it will be available in a bundle with the new controllers starting on June 28 for $749 (around £575, AU$1,060) with pre-orders opening up tomorrow.

Valve said its headset, which brings two screens so close to your eyes that it tricks your brain into thinking you're in a computer-generated world, has sharper visuals and has controllers created to be easier to use and better for gameplay than those of its competitors.

A pair of custom-built controllers strap onto your hand and respond to natural movements like throwing or dropping held objects. In particular, the upcoming Rift S uses LCDs.

Here's everything to know about Valve's Index so far. The official site promises high-fidelity VR with superior comfort and control. The full kit will cost you just under a grand - which sounds like a lot, but is still $400 less than the HTC Vive Pro starter kit. Now, Valve is jumping into the game with its Knuckles controller. With these, you'll be able to naturally grip objects rather than just pull a trigger.

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That said, the aforementioned bundle doesn't include the lighthouse sensors. New base stations allow for most room-scale VR setups to work with only two (though they support up to four for a 10x10 meter play area) and receive less interference from other infrared devices.

The headset also features built-in headphones and a replaceable "face gasket", a.k.a. the cushioned bit that presses against your face.

At least I was right about one thing: "Predicting what Valve is and isn't going to do is a losing game, even with reliable information". A pair of the Knuckles controllers are $279.

You can also mix and match. You'll either need to supply your own from a previous-generation HTC Vive headset or step up to the $999 (around £765, AU$1,400) Valve Index package that includes the controllers, the headset and the trackers.

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