12-Year-Old Girl Gets Flesh-Eating Disease After Swimming at Florida Beach

Indiana girl contracts flesh-eating bacteria on vacation in Florida

Indiana girl contracts flesh-eating bacteria on vacation in Florida

CBS affiliate WKRG-TV reported the Brown family went to a beach in Destin earlier this month when Kylei fell drastically ill. By the time they returned to their home in IN, her leg had swollen and she was running a fever. When Michelle Brown rang the family doctor to make an appointment she was directed straight to the emergency room.

"When they told me we needed to go home and pack bags and get to Riley [Hospital for Children, in Indianapolis], my anxiety went from 0 to 110", Michelle said. 'I knew something was wrong'.

There, doctors first thought Kylei that had a blood clot. "And doing that, they were trying to save her leg and save her because the infection was moving so rapidly", Brown told the TV station.

Writing on Facebook, Michelle said: 'I am just so thankful for the many prayers, the quick response and efforts of her medical teams and the aggressive treatment she has received.

Necoritizing fasciitis - commonly known as flesh-eating disease - results in the decaying of the body's soft tissue, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

"They were taking her into emergency surgery trying to remove the infection from her leg".

Emergency surgery followed and doctors secured a wound vac to her leg in an attempt to suck out the infection.

Treatment depends on how far the necrotizing fasciitis has progressed, but the key to stopping the disease and saving someone's life is to get to the hospital immediately.

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"At that point, I had to put her on my back and carry her around", Brown explained.

The bacteria is usually contracted in water and enters through an open wound.

Kylei had a cut on her toe from a skateboarding accident before her trip to Destin, Florida.

Kylei's mother believed her daughter contracted the infection through a scrape on her toe, which was exposed to the water during their trip to the beach during their vacation.

"Everything started going downhill quickly because, to sum things up, she had contracted a bacteria somehow that had already turned into an infection", Brown wrote on Facebook.

As the family starts their long road to recovery, Brown wants other families to know the dangers and the signs. She said that it's now tough for her to see other families enjoying time at the beach.

"A lot of the infections, we can treat in the ICU with just antibiotics and supportive care, but there are certain infections like necrotizing fasciitis that doesn't give you much time to treat, it doesn't give you much time to think", said. Those with open wounds and active infections should avoid bodies of water, especially swimming pools and hot tubs.

It's important to keep wounds clean and covered, and if you experience symptoms of an infection, get immediate treatment.

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