Adults brawl at youth baseball game video shows

A little league game

A little league game

Several people have already been cited in this fight and injuries were reported.

As the fight escalated, the children playing the game ran from the field and the brawl was still going on by the time police arrived. Eventually, "15 to 20" parents wound up on the field, punching each other as hard as they could. "We're looking for any information on this melee, but in particular the identity of the suspect in the white shirt and teal shorts who threw a sucker punch". That part is, ummm, interesting... as one Twitter commenter put so perfectly, the lady might have had more success if she opted not to call Jesus, but to call 9-1-1 instead!

The brouhaha resulted in injuries, including one person who may have broken ribs, and several citations. A blonde woman then pushed him away while someone else cradled the assaulted man's head.

Social media users poured scorn on the adults involved. These poor kids have to watch this. Come on parents, grow the hell up'. And we wonder what is wrong with today's youth?'

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"I guarantee you there was bad blood between some of the fathers before this", Watters said. "No regard for the children at all", Jessie Martinez added.

'I believe it was over someone batting out of order. A simple baseball ruling is what caused this.

'It's something that people are gawking at and there's shock value but it's serious. Parents at youth sporting events need to collectively calm down and remember: it's a game, they're kids, and majority just want their postgame snack.

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