Canada to allow the sale of marijuana edibles

Why Cannabis Investors Should Focus on Risk Management

Why Cannabis Investors Should Focus on Risk Management

Government officials say that like dried flower product legally available for sale through official channels since October 17, edible cannabis products can only come in plain packaging with clear labelling of potency.

However, federal cannabis licence holders must provide 60 days notice to Health Canada of their intent to sell new products.

Slack a year ago, Aurora launched a high-potency, vape-ready CBD oil product line called Aurora Cloud, which contains 550mg of CBD and lower than 30mg of THC, per Health Canada's guidelines. By mid-December, approved producers will be able to sell cannabis-infused products at authorized retailers and those skirting the rules can face a raft of consequences from violation tickets to criminal charges. That's on top of the roughly $6 billion estimated domestic market for recreational and medical cannabis, the consultancy said in its report.

While some products will hit store shelves before 2019 wraps up, a slow rollout is expected, so don't expect too many, if any edibles and concentrates available before Christmas. After that, the new law will come into force from October 17.

In the months leading up to the legalization and regulation of these new cannabis products, CCSA will be releasing a series of new public education resources about the new cannabis products.

Regulations announced on Friday include a 10 mg cap on the amount of THC allowed in edible products. Cannabis topicals, such as lotions, will continue to be limited to 1,000 mg or one gram of THC per package.

"I think it was a disappointment on the part of some of the industry players that they still have to have a separate facility if they want to make any food products or beverage products", said Nick Pateras, vice-president of strategy for Lift & Co.

They also can't be mixed with alcohol, can't be appealing to children, and must use plain packaging.

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The official said that Health Canada will consider all of those factors on a case-by-case basis to conclude whether the product was created to be appealing to kids. "And we are very much putting restrictions in place to ensure that does not happen".

However, "there needs to be room for legal brands to develop consumer loyalty if the illicit market is to be eliminated", Khan said.

It is worth mentioning here that Canada had legalized the use of cannabis by enacting a law previous year.

What the THC limit in a single serving of an edible or extract is.

Producers and distributors also can not make health or dietary claims, and can not combine or even associate pot products with alcoholic beverages - so cannabis beer, which a handful of companies are developing, would not be allowed.

Hill Street, which plans to launch a line of cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverages, may have some products ready by December but is aiming for next spring, he said.

Ontario is home to more than half the licensed producers of recreational cannabis in Canada and a majority of employment.

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