Could a gut bacterium boost athletic performance?

In the Lab Why are elite athletes different than the rest of us? Take a look at their microbes			By Elizabeth Cooney @cooney_liz

In the Lab Why are elite athletes different than the rest of us? Take a look at their microbes By Elizabeth Cooney @cooney_liz

Indeed, the team provided the first evidence that lactate can actually cross from the circulation through the intestinal epithelial wall into the gut lumen, where it becomes available to Veillonella and possibly other bacteria. Treadmill tests showed this bacteria-enhanced diet boosted the animals' performance by 13% compared to mice not given Veillonella. The bacteria in our guts break down lactic acid, which is produced much more when athletes perform energy-demanding activities like exercising or running. The microbiome is such a powerful metabolic engine.

He added that this would "therefore protect them against chronic diseases including diabetes", heart disease and an early grave.

The microbiome is linked to many disorders, including inflammatory bowel diseases, autoimmune conditions, and even obesity. The results were reported today in Nature Medicine.

Exercise has always been recognised as being crucial to overall health, particularly that of our hearts. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle to fight diseases such as type 2 diabetes. "Collecting samples daily throughout the week before the run and the week following the run and analyzing them with the help of Aleksandar's bioinformatics pipeline, enabled us to identify meaningful fluctuations within the entire microbiome with the increase in the Veillonella genus as the most prominent one", said Scheiman.

Samples were gathered every day of the weeks before and after the race. He also collected samples from seated people.

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"One of the things that immediately caught our attention was this single organism, Veillonella, that was clearly enriched in abundance immediately after the marathon in the runners. Veillonella is also at higher abundance in the marathon runners [in general] than it is in sedentary individuals". Then, in an experiment involving only mice, the researchers colonized a strain of Veillonella collected from one of the athletes. It's what causes aching legs in runners during the last portion of a long race.

"When we looked at the details of Veillonella, we found that it is relatively unique in the human microbiome because it uses lactate or lactic acid as its sole carbon source", he says. This bacteria is known for breaking down lactate - a byproduct constantly produced in the body during normal metabolism and exercise. Our immediate hypothesis was that it worked as a metabolic sink to remove lactate from the system, the idea being that lactate build-up in the muscles creates fatigue.

'But apparently this idea that lactate build-up causes fatigue is not accepted to be true. "We think that propionate could exhibit its performance benefits by counter-acting inflammation, serving as an energy source for the body, and other as yet unknown effects", speculated Kostic.

He then took the samples to Dr, Kostic for analysis. The researchers believe that these microbes Lactate, resulting in a great effort in the muscles, convert into short-chain fatty acids.

Dr. Kostic and his team plan to work with Dr. Lessard to investigate the mechanisms by which propionate affects training capacity. The check shows a which that you can additionally imagine certain suggestions loop between the micro organism and a bunch, however it be no longer certain if this may maybe well additionally translate to humans in the an identical ability or if this may maybe well additionally show secure for consumption. The host is producing something that this particular microbe favors.

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