Dragon Quest Walk is Square Enix’s AR answer to Pokemon GO



Square Enix has revealed Dragon Quest Walk, a brand new entry in the series developed for smartphones.

Industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto says Dragon Quest Walk appears to be a "shameless clone" of Niantic's Pokemon Go. This should come as no surprise to fans of Dragon Quest, given the series' long history of lackluster success in the West. The reveal trailer showed little gameplay, but, with its depictions of 3D Dragon Quest monsters interacting with real-life humans, hinted at augmented reality (AR) functionality.

The battle system is turn-based like in traditional main Dragon Quest games.

Players will also be able to build and decorate a virtual room with items collected through the game's challenges and quests.

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A worldwide release for Dragon Quest Walk has not been announced just yet, so we'll have to wait and see on that.

Lastly, Dragon Quest Walk has an actual story which you progress through by going to story event destination points. The game has the traditional Dragon Quest trio, Horii as general director, Toriyama at character design, Sugiyama for the OST.

The game is set to enter beta on Android and iOS next week, but only in certain regions of Japan. Registrations are open till June 5. It will see a full release some time in 2019, but for now there is no news on whether or not that release will be limited to Japan. And with its striking resemblance with Pokemon Go, most will simply stick with Nintendo.

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