Fortnite Patch 9.30 Brings New Item and Other Changes

Screenshot via Epic Games

Screenshot via Epic Games

No one could have guessed, back in the era of when Epic Games was touting Fortnite as a PVE experience (which is now a less popular submode called "Save the World"), that it would completely pivot to battle royale and help define the entire genre alongside of PUBG.

This new healing item allows players to heal others in a small radius by throwing it and splashing them with its healing liquid.

The new Chug Splash item added in the Fortnite 2.26 update is definitely worthy of a highlight. Players could shoot immediately after using a Rift to Go, Supply Drones would sometimes spawn underground in areas with water, these have been fixed.

If anyone has full health in the area, the chug splash gives a shield to them. Furthermore, if their health is full, an equivalent number of shield focuses will be granted. "Chug Splash can heal allies, enemies, and can extend the duration of the "knocked" state for knocked players". They drop in stacks of two, up to a maximum of six. Battle Royale wasn't on the table, and the Save the World mode was far from developed. Sniper Shootout Duos sees teams of two fight off with sniper rifles only, while Trios is classic battle royale with three-person squads, and Solid Gold Squads increases the abundance of legendary weapons.

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Availability of explosive has been drastically reduced.

Shotgun swap delay has been removed, and shotgun cooldowns will only apply if the player is carrying multiple shotguns regardless of shotgun type. The Combat Shotgun's long-range effectiveness has also been reduced.

There is one more change in the latest Fortnite update that has us feeling a certain way; unfortunately, that way is 'a little bummed.' The Boom Bow has officially been vaulted, meaning it will no longer spawn on the ground or in chests during play.

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