Fortnite Season 9 Challenges: Visit 3 Different Clocks (Not Happy Hamlet!)

Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 Challenges

Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 Challenges

Check back tomorrow for our next Fortnite Fortbyte guide and a new 14 Days of Summer challenge.

The challenges are divided into two sections: three challenges which are free and available to anyone who owns the game, with another locked and only completable by those who own the Season 9 Battle Pass.

A digital clock is still a clock, which means the holographic one southwest of Neo Tilted is one of the three you must visit. Once you've found them, hang around for a few seconds until the notification pings then hurry along to the next one. It's ready to be destroyed and become junk, but it still works for you to complete this challenge.

This challenge is a straightforward challenge to complete.

This challenge will be quicker to complete if you land at Mega Mall as you usually don't get too many people landing at Snobby Shores. This doesn't have to take place in one match, so this should be an easy challenge to complete.

Philips Hue just made its smart light system much simpler (and cheaper)
Bulbs purchased using the same account associated with a compatible Echo will automatically pair with the device during setup. In addition to the luminaries themselves, you've also needed a smart hub to manage everything, adding to the overall cost.

As you can see on the map above, there are three Fortnite clocks to be found in order to complete the challenge.

This is different. Usually, you'll have challenges where you need to eliminate opponents at certain named locations.

This week's only staged challenge requires players to land at five different named locations. It's on a hill on the edge of the desert area of the map.

The new challenge for this week are visiting different clocks, we've had similar challenges, but not requiring players to visit clocks. Players only have to use each one once, so keep an eye out for them as you travel around and quickly use one as you find it.

You can progress through this challenge in any game mode you want, except Playground.

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