Google Maps Will Now Predict How Crowded Buses And Trains Are

Heedless drivers blindly follow Google Maps into the mudMore

Heedless drivers blindly follow Google Maps into the mudMore

Google is taking it up a notch when it comes to Maps, bringing in a new and useful feature called crowdedness predictions.

When you're planning a journey, one thing that's impossible to predict is how busy a train or bus is going to be. Not only is it cost-effective and efficient, but it also lets you stay hands free so you can sit back, relax and maybe even read a few chapters of your favorite book. Almost a 100 drivers who got stuck in an empty field while taking a Google Maps-suggested detour to save time would probably agree with that now. This feature acts normally and there is nothing specific to learn about. Google is using the data from previous rides to predict the crowd.

This new live traffic status update is for buses and trains.

Living in NY, there are times when I plan my entire day around whether or not public transportation is going to be a pain to deal with.

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Furthermore, the app gets a new Crowdedness prediction feature for subways.

"You'll now be able to see if your bus will be late, how long the delay will be, and more accurate travel times based on live traffic conditions along your route", Google explained. Such alert from Google allows you to be prepared.

Drivers rushing to Denver International Airport on Sunday ran into a crash that was blocking their way, so they followed the quicker detour suggested by Google Maps, according to Denver, Colorado TV station KMGH. Google has made the announcement on its blog that the new feature will help its users to get information if a bus or a train will be delayed, and exactly how late it will be. The update will be in real-time as well so that one can decide whether to get on the transit or wait for the next ride. The user can then can tap it to see where they are compared to the original route. Twitter User's Concern Over Google Maps Feature Goes Viral, Google India Replies With a Cheeky Shayari.

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