Guy Martin Drives A 1,000 HP Tractor To Record-Setting 103.6 miles per hour

JCB Fastrac 8000

JCB Fastrac 8000

Guy Martin, a former truck mechanic and motorcycle racer turned TV personality, has done it again.

British industrial equipment manufacturer JCB has just set the record for "World's fastest tractor" with a little help from-the Williams F1 team!?

And don't think modifying a tractor to hit illegal-on-the-highway speeds was the scheme of some rebellious, skunkworks engineer. In the meantime, here's Top Gear's Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris tooling around in the previous record holder. This time round, he's taken a modified J C Banford Excavators Fastrac farm tractor to a new JCB tractor speed record of 166 kmph (103.6 mph).

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To complete the record, they would need a steely-eyed missile man who laughs in the face of danger, and former motorcycle racer Guy Martin was just the person to do it. Martin managed to get the massive tractor up to 103.6 miles per hour (166.7 km/h), beating the previous record of 87.27 miles per hour (140.4 km/h) set by the Top Gear crew in March 2018.

Powering it is a 7.2-liter, six-cylinder DieselMax engine which pumps out an extraordinary 1,000 hp and 1843 lb-ft (2500 Nm) of torque. Williams Advanced Engineering was called in to refine the aerodynamics, alloweing it to sprint past 100 miles per hour on its way to a new world record.

The record-setting beast, however, managed much better than that. Lord Bamford developed a tractor which was not only highly capable for field work but which also commanded high road speed.

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