Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now available in 130 countries

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now available in 130 countries

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now available in 130 countries

Last week, Niantic, the company famous for Pokemon Go, released its next soon to be hit game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The story of the game takes place after the final "Harry Potter" book, and beloved characters make appearances as the player tries to help sort out a magical emergency that is threatening to reveal the secretive wizarding world to regular, non-magic using muggles.

Even so, the new game doesn't quite match the breakout early performance of Pokemon Go, which quickly became a worldwide phenomenon when it was first released in 2016.

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That's according to data from Sensor Tower, which reports that the title was downloaded over 400,000 during this time frame, too. At this point after its launch, the Sensor Tower data also shows the Pokemon Go was still No. 1 in the U.S. on the iOS App Store top-grossing chart, and it had also generated about $2 million in spending from players. Pokemon Go - which only launched in the United States initially, generated over 7.5 million downloads in its first 24 hours, and $2 million in player spending.

Initially, Wizards Unite launched in the US and United Kingdom, but worldwide fans didn't have to wait for long because Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now officially live in 130 countries. Since its announcement, Wizards Unite has drawn frequent comparisons to Pokemon Go; both augmented reality titles are developed by the same studio and share many similar gameplay elements. Just as in the Pokemon mobile game, gameplay primarily revolves around exploring the real world in search of collectibles.

If you're still hungry for more Harry Potter-related media, you're not alone.

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