If you love ranch, Hidden Valley suggest ranch-flavored Pop-Tarts



For a ideal example, look no further than the saga of ranch dressing-flavored Pop-Tarts. The legendary desert snack was launched back in 1967, hitting shelves with only 4 flavor availabilities.

As all of Twitter went wild thinking about this and other potential combinations, like loaded baked potato, orange juice and toothpaste as well as boot leather, Pop-Tarts was quick to decline the original offer saying, "lol no". Perhaps there's nothing Pop-Tarts can't do, the exact sentiment one Twitter use had in mind when he tweeted the company his. interesting flavor suggestion.

The proposed new flavor could be good or bad. depending on what you're into.

A picture posted on social media earlier this week has the internet buzzing.

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Hidden Valley quickly responded, "Ready to give the people what they want". "And, judging from a previous run-in with Pop-Tarts and ranch, it's safe to say that they have no plans to do so in the future".

For the ranch lovers out there who had any hopes of this being real, you'll have to stick to just dipping your pizza and wings in Hidden Valley for now.

Heroff isn't done yet, though, suggesting a hot dog-flavored Pop-Tart.

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