Iran renews threats against United States as tensions escalate

US Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln transits the Atlantic Ocean during a strait transit exercise

US Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln transits the Atlantic Ocean during a strait transit exercise

"The downing of the U.S. drone had an explicit, decisive and clear message that defenders of the Islamic Iran's borders will show decisive and knockout reactions to aggression against this territory by any alien", he said.

"While we were tracking the spy drone there was also a P-8 spy plane with 35 crew on board which we could have shot at, but we did not do so", Amir Ali Hajizadeh said.

Let's make Iran great again.

The US has asked the United Nations Security Council to meet on Iran behind closed doors on Monday, diplomats said on Friday.

"Everybody was saying I'm a warmonger and now they say I'm a dove", he told reporters outside the White House.

A Pentagon spokeswoman, Commander Rebecca Rebarich, said: "We stand by where we said the aircraft was operating in worldwide airspace". Iran's leadership has repeatedly expressed their firm opposition to the development and use of nuclear weapons.

"We're not going to have Iran have a nuclear weapon. when they agree to that, they're going to have a wealthy country", Trump, preparing to leave for Camp David, told reporters gathered outside the White House. "I am in no hurry, our military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world", Trump tweeted.

But Trump also indicated he was open to reversing the escalation, adding he was willing to quickly reach a deal with Iran that he said would bolster the country's flagging economy.

"But I'm not looking to do that", Mr Trump told NBC News in an interview a day after he aborted a planned air strike against Iranian targets in retaliation for Tehran shooting down a U.S. drone.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday he will impose additional sanctions on Iran in an effort to prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons, adding that military action was still a possibility.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said the drone's downing was a "clear message" to the U.S. that Iran's borders were "our red line".

Head of the Revolutionary Guard's aerospace division Brig. "It's possible that this infringement of the Americans was carried out by a general or some operators".

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The United States launched cyber attacks against Iranian missile control systems and a spy network this week after Tehran downed an American surveillance drone, U.S. media reported on Saturday.

"There can be no doubt about where the vessel was when it was brought down", Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter alongside images he said listed the coordinates of the drone as it flew over the Strait of Hormuz. But, in any case, the intrusion of the UAV into Iranian airspace was "a violation of worldwide aviation rules... which then received our natural response".

A second Iranian official said: "We made it clear that the leader is against any talks, but the message will be conveyed to him to make a decision". "Until then, our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify".

Military sources told Reuters that USA forces were getting ready to evacuate contractors from a military base in neighbouring Iraq over "potential security threats", without saying what those threats might be.

President Trump says he is imposing new sanctions on Iran. The sanctions had been lifted under the pact in return for Teheran curbing its nuclear program.

USA allies in the Gulf have refrained from directly blaming Iran for the recent attacks on commercial tankers.

Both countries confirmed a drone was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz on June 20, but the location of the drone and the time it was shot down is disputed.

On Thursday, the Pentagon launched a long-planned cyber attack in retaliation for the oil tanker incidents, Yahoo News reported, citing former intelligence officials.

These cyber attacks aren't the first time the U.S. and Iran have dueled online.

Iran has renewed its threats against the United States on Saturday, saying that it will not permit its borders to be violated.

Iran has said it will soon exceed worldwide agreed limits on its nuclear programme.

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