Maura is having none of Tom's bad excuses in tonight's 'Love Island'

Yewande's First Interview Sinc

Yewande's First Interview Sinc

She then stormed off as Tom looked crestfallen and the other boys started to laugh.

After winning a challenge, the Longford native invited Tom to join her in The Hideaway.

Tom said within earshot of her, "Let's see if she's all mouth".

Overhearing his cheeky banter, an enraged Maura yells at her love interest: 'That's a d******* comment, go f*** yourself!

Anton continues: "I think he was just trying to play up to the boys a bit".

Over the weekend, the pair sensibly removed themselves from the drama between Yewande Biala, Danny Williams and Arabella Chi and instead focused on their own relationship.

"I feel like that was a miscommunication", Tom tries to tell Maura.

"Maura is the best thing that's happened this season", one person tweeted, as another said: "I'm telling you Maura is my absolute fave". Molly-Mae hugs Maura and says "You're everything I want to be!" "I know that might be unattractive to you but he didn't mean it in a malicious way".

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Tom pleaded, "I'd like to revise my score", before leaning in and whispering: "Well, rate this".

Tom replies: "But can I just say sorry?" I don't want to be soppy but it was really good.

Tom says to Maura "How are you feeling after the kissing challenge?"

Danny apologised for hurting Yewande and said he was "pleasantly surprised" with how well she had reacted. "They asked me a question".

Maura then continued: "Wow".

Anton says: "He just repeated what we said", to which Maura replies: "Yes but he shouldn't have".

In case you have for some reason been living under a rock for the past day, you'll be more than well aware of the whole Maura/Tom debacle.

Maura Higgins has won herself a legion of fans after sticking up for herself on Sunday night's Love Island.

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