Rapinoe ‘stands by’ White House boycott threat

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe

That elicited a Twitter retort from the President of the United States Donald Trump.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Rapinoe's teammate Ali Krieger responded to the president's comments and said that she would also stay home if invited to visit Trump at the White House.

"We haven't yet invited Megan or the team, but I am now inviting the TEAM, win or lose". Then he picked up on video that showed Rapinoe not singing the national anthem before games.

She is also not the only US player planning to turn down a White House visit.

In a video excerpt of the interview posted Tuesday, she can be seen using a profanity when she says she's not going.

The president also tweeted that he will invite the US team "win or lose".

Megan Rapinoe isn't backing down.

It was an unwanted distraction ahead of the quarter-final against hosts France on Friday but the 33-year-old, who is openly gay and has previously accused Trump of being "sexist" and "misogynistic", refused to back down.

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After recording 22 runs and 28 hits in its previous two games, MI scored just three runs on 10 hits in the final two games. MI (50-22) scored one against reliever Jake Eder in the eighth, but it still trailed by six heading into the ninth.

"She'll never have to buy another drink in her life because she bailed me out and she bailed the team out", said Sauerbrunn after Monday's win.

Speaking Thursday in Paris, Ellis said her team is able to keep the focus on the highly anticipated matchup.

"I'm not anxious about destabilising the dressing room, I think that we have an incredibly strong dressing room, we're very open with each other", she said. "I think we all support Megan", Ellis said. "Comments, media, whatever, it's always been something that, you know, I think we can block out pretty easily".

"In every aspect of life, the more we can tackle the inequality from a lot a different angles, perspectives, different lanes the quicker we can rectify the problem", Rapinoe has said.

"We're very open with each other, obviously everyone knows who I am". "I think it's going to be a great stage for both teams who have had a lot of pressure and a lot of eyes on them to just go out and perform and enjoy themselves". No one is. But she did uncork a similar kind of statement: the kind that makes your hair stand on end like it was hit with an electrical current; the kind that upsets all the right people. "If anything it fires everyone up a bit more".

She is one of the leaders of the USA women's fight for pay equality - they filed a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation in March accusing the organization of gender discrimination.

She now does stand but refuses to sing or put her hand over her heart like other U.S. players.

Krieger used Trump's preferred medium, Twitter, to announce she also won't participate in a White House visit, joining Rapinoe and Alex Morgan among US players who'll decline to take the trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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