Sound off on cell contracts

Sound off on cell contracts

Sound off on cell contracts

British Columbia says it will sharpen its consumer protection laws to provide cellphone customers with more complete information about their bills as it prepares to urge federal regulators to reduce fees.

"We want to hear all about how people signed up, whether they find their plan affordable, and the results will help identify ways to strengthen B.C. consumer protections as well encourage the federal government to improve affordability", said Farnworth.

The survey runs from May 29 until July 5 and takes up to approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The government took a similar approach with rules around ticket scalpers, Farnworth said, with a public survey preceding legislation introduced in April that aims to ban scalper bots, automated ticket-purchasing software used by scalpers.

The federal government is responsible for regulating telecommunications in Canada.

"When the provinces start to take action, even in the areas that they have jurisdiction for, then the federal government can be pushed to take further action as well", he added.

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"We would all like cheaper cell phone bills".

"I think they are chasing headlines". They said Horgan continues to waste taxpayer dollars on expensive studies to create the illusion he is doing something.

Johal says what is more effective is contacting your individual cellphone company and asking for them to match prices from competitors.

Updated in 2017, the federal Wireless Code provides consumers with a number of rights, including plain language contracts and the ability to cancel a contract at no cost after two years. Stakeholders groups and the telecom industry will also be invited to participate in the engagement.

But first, the government is launching a public consultation where British Columbians can share their experiences with cellphone contracts and surprise fees.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth and Bob D'Eith, MLA for Maple Ridge-Mission, made the announcement Wednesday.

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