Voice-activated Monopoly tells players: 'You're bankrupt!'

The new Monopoly game is voice-activated and has no paper money

The new Monopoly game is voice-activated and has no paper money

However, since they require players to have access to a smartphone or a sensible speaker, limiting their accessibility, and since board games are most frequently played by children, also, they increase privacy issues. Sick of all the conniving?

Arriving July 1, Monopoly Voice Banking features none other than Rich Uncle Pennybags himself as the voice of the virtual assistant-although he's apparently now simply known as Mr. Monopoly. The latest version replaces the designated banker with a smart, voice-activated top hat that handles all the game's financial transactions, giving gamers an outlet for his or her frustrations, without hurting anybody's emotions.

Business Insider played Monopoly Voice Banking and preferred it to the original, calling it "an efficient, faster version that's simple to play", although one with a slight learning curve.

With Monopoly Voice Banking, Hasbro brings its beloved game into the era of voice assistants.

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Having been around for 84 years at this point, Monopoly is a game that's gone through a large number of variations. It is dependent upon how capable voice recognition is, and the way typically gamers must repeat themselves with the precise phrasing required.

When you need to pay rent or collect a card, press a button on the device and humbly speak to the diminutive penny-pincher. Commands include "train ride", "balance", and "buy [property name]".

In an effort to speed up the notoriously long game, this new version allows a maximum of only four players instead of six, offers fewer properties and ditches the option of acquiring railroads or the electric company.

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