Beauty Queen Loses Her Crown Over Tweets

Beauty Queen Loses Her Crown Over Tweets

Beauty Queen Loses Her Crown Over Tweets

Kathy Zhu, 20, has been told she's no longer Miss Michigan 2019 because her "social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content".

Zhu, the president of College Republicans at the University of MI, told the Detroit Free Press that the two now-deleted tweets in question were a comment on World Hijab Day and a statement citing statistics related to black deaths caused by other black people.

Pageant officials told Zhu her tweets violated requirements of contestants that must be "of good character and whose background is not likely to bring disrepute to Miss World America or any person associated with the organization".

The alleged "insensitive" social media post is a 2017 tweet in which Zhu contended "the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks".

In her response to the dismissal email from Miss World America, Zhu said a Muslim woman tried to "forcibly" put a hijab on her head on her college campus in 2018.

Instead, according to the Detroit Free Press, she took to Twitter, writing 'So you're telling me that it's now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? "Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?", Zhu tweeted. Fix problems within your own community before blaming others'. "John Hawkins, a podcaster, also came out in Zhu's support saying that a conservative woman isn't even allowed to enter a beauty pageant anymore without holding politically correct opinions".

Zhu pushed back in a Twitter video Friday, claiming discrimination against her conservative political views.

It was posted on World Hijab Day in 2018. "Furthermore, lit this communication serve as official notice to remove any mention of yourself as a participant in MWA from all social media platforms".

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"Miss World America's State/National/Chief Director accused me of being racist, Islamaphobic, and insensitive", Zhu wrote on Twitter.

Still, Zhu says that the entire controversy has more to do with an issue larger than the organization's prior awareness of her social media. She said the tweets were "statistics and facts". She also pointed out that women in the Middle East are being stoned to death for refusing to wear hijabs. "Nearly everyone was supportive of me refusing to be put in that situation".

According to Newsweek, Zhu was named as an IN and MI 2019 national finalist earlier this week IN a bid to move on to the Miss Teen World America preliminary and finals set for October.

"Kathy, we have a huge issue now", DeJack wrote, without answering Zhu about the issue.

The other tweet that got Zhu booted from the beauty pageant involved black-on-black crime.

But, in being released from the pageant, she said, she isn't being given the opportunity to prove it.

'It's not even about a crown or a pageant, ' Zhu said.

Zhu revealed a text message conversation in which MWA staff informed her that her social media activity was being investigated, but would not reveal why. Lauren Chen, BlazeTV host, wrote that the fact these pageant people find her views offensive speaks more about their own bigotry than anything else. Unbelievable. #stopthebias, ' singer Joy Villa tweeted.

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