‘Big Brother’ 21: [SPOILER] Won Power Of Veto; Was It Used?

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BIG BROTHERÕs two-night premiere event airing Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 (8:00 Ð 9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Let's just call this alliance of three, "let's do everything we can to make sure that Christie is the victor of Big Brother 21 and a half million dollars". The two nominees will be battling to try to get off the block.

In the end, it was Kathryn Dunn who won the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 21 Spoilers - Was Jack Planted In The House To Protect Christie?

Tonight, life in the Big Brother 21 house is a little off-kilter. Isabella continued to explain that she did not appreciate Nicole calling her or her Big Brother boyfriend a bully. Cliff knows that he is a pawn, but he's not anxious, there still is the VETO completion and plans on winning it and taking himself off the block.

Jackson Michie is dying to get Nick and Bella out, and even discussed at one point volunteering to be a pawn on the block, next to Nick or someone. What happens when Nick and Isabella confront Gr8ful about Nicole's bombshell and does it lead to a blindside? Sis and Christie look horrified, they are good actresses. Initially starting with Tommy, the budding showmance gathered the rest of their alliance, and Sam, in the HoH room to confront them. When Ovi saw Nicole thrown out of the HOH room, he felt it was bullying. He chose to replace Jess with Nicole. After Gr8ful hashed their problems out, they changed their alliance name to include Sam to Unde9able. Like it wasn't enough to make us suffer through the gr8ful alliance. Jack reminds Ovi that he is in Camp Comeback, he touches him. No one expected Cliff to walk right back into the house. Nicole asks Jack if she is going to find out about the conversation in the HOH room, he says she might. Tommy recognized that Bella "bulldozed" over Nicole, and apologized to her for not being able to get a word in. She should be targeted. She ranted to Nicole about how "disgusted" she is with Nicole's "obnoxious" behavior. But for now, Gr8ful has chose to keep Bella in the house because they still need her vote. She understands that this is Bella's game and she can sleep at night, but Nicole is having a hard time accepting it.

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At least with Amanda, she was like a female "Evil Dick meets Dr. Will", and there was never a boring moment when she was in front of the camera.

After that, the next HoH competition played out very late Thursday/early Friday. Nick picked Michie, Cliff chose Kat, and Jessica drew Houseguest Choice.

Nick, Analyse, Jessica and Christie were the players. This is Kaitlyn's nightmare. The campers have to sift through the fog to collect puzzle pieces, and then make their way through a mirrored maze where they must fit the pieces together on a stand. Remember Big Brother season 15's Amanda Zuckerman, who she was given the best advantages in the game? She chose to use her power on Jess, which left this week's HOH, Nick, with a not-so-tough decision. Jokes on the houseguests, they didn't think Kat had it in her.

Imagine this, Christie has this awesome power in the house, Jack looks like he was planted in the house to protect her and her new BFF and relative, Tommy, is the most well-liked player in the house. With the POV on the line, everyone knew how important it would be to win the power. Oh my, what a drama queen and a great actress Christie is!

At the Veto Ceremony, Kathryn used the POV to save Jessica from the block.

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