Fortnite Fortbyte 21 Found inside a metal llama building Location

Screengrab via Epic Games

Screengrab via Epic Games

Before Season 10 arrives, however, another new Fortbyte is up for grabs, and the clue to where you can find it rests within the special loading screen you'll unlock when you complete this season's tenth Utopia challenge. Because let's be honest, there might be some Fortbyte's that were too challenging even at this stage in the season. Fortbyte 21 is found within a metal llama.

There are no other requirements to collecting Fortbyte #21 so you don't have to have any characters, equipment, or emotes to do this.

You're in luck then, because today's Fortbyte is ludicrously easy. The metal llama has been in Fortnite for a long time, so many will know where to go without needing any additional help.

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You'll find the metal llama north west of Junk Junction and is unmissable. The fastest way to get this Fortbyte is to land on the back of the llama, enter in through the door on the second floor and the Fortbyte will be between the first and second floors of the structure.

If you need some hand-holding to help find it, just take a look at the gameplay on the above video with Fortnite Content Creator, Bodil40. Epic have been releasing at least one new Fortbyte each day and players have until August 1st to collect at least 90 if they want to unlock the season 9 mystery skin, Singularity.

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