FXX Gives the Green Light for Archer Season 11

Image via FX

Image via FX

The reason why Archer has taken a three-season sojourn into the realm of the absurd, of course, has been because Archer himself has been imagining each season's escapades in his subconscious, having been in a coma since the climax of season seven. But at Comic-Con last night, the team behind the show announced that the series would get an eleventh season...with a pretty huge change. Three years have passed while he recovered, and while the fate of the rest of the gang is being kept under wraps until season 11, his mother Mallory has been at his bedside ever since he was rendered comatose.

H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates attended the panel this year, with executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis. The current season, entitled "Archer: 1999", sees Archer and his friends in a retro-futuristic space adventure. But it's been revealed that the spy will be waking up at the end of season 10, only to find that the world has moved on without him.

Lowry wins The Open Championship
Neither of the final pair were ever under any pressure from the chasing pack as they dropped further back in the rough conditions. Whoever gets to do it, they will be called a champion". "This feels like an out-of-body experience", said the 32-year-old.

Season 11 is slated to debut on FXX in 2020.

This is sort of how things ended up playing out, as Archer continued reinventing itself through the eighth, ninth, and tenth seasons. The first seven seasons featured regular Archer, global spy and bachelor, and season 8 featured Archer in a neo-noir setting as a private eye in 1940s Los Angeles. However, as we now know, Reed's plan to conclude the show after season 10 didn't pan out. We don't know if Archer wakes up from the coma at the beginning of the season, towards the middle, or at the end, but it seems like the team would keep it a secret if it was towards the end of the season. "What's also different is Archer is physically and mentally not what he was". We thought it was so interesting that we wanted to do another season and explore that dynamic. It feels brand-new again to me. "But the roles and people's personalities have changed", Willis said. "There are fans out there we've lost along the way. There's fatigue there. And what I want to say to those people is that we were worn out too but now we're not, and to c'mon back, y'all".

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