Galaxy Note 10 official renders leak online

Galaxy Note 10 official renders leak online

Galaxy Note 10 official renders leak online

The rear is home to three cameras stacked on top of each other and sharing the same housing. The silver finish introduces a new color to the Galaxy Note lineup and is another way the Galaxy Note 10 phones looks different from their Galaxy Note 9 predecessor.

The hype around the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is starting to get bigger and bigger. What you see above is the 6.28-inch Galaxy Note 10 in a new silver finish.

We'll see whether future leaks affirm the authenticity of these renders in the coming weeks, but either way, Samsung will give us the official word at its Unpacked event in August.

Access to the SDK is now limited - users aren't able to download the SDK directly but must request access - and it's not clear when users will be able to experiment with the code let alone use it in production. What that all boils down to is just like the S series earlier in the year, you'll have multiple options in the latter part of the year two.

From the renders, there are some interesting points to pick-up.

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At the rear, the Galaxy Note 10+ has a quad-camera setup, with one of those cameras being a 3D ToF sensor. Keep in mind though that the Note 10 is a hair bigger or smaller, depending on what size you buy.

They both have ultrasonic fingerprint sensors inside the screen, instead of around back. The front is nearly ALL screen on either phone.

I'll be the first to tell you, this is a very sexy device.

Unlike the Galaxy Note9 and even the Note8, it appears that the Galaxy Note 10 only comes with a single button for power and a volume rocker on the left. The venue is the same place the Korean tech giant launched the Note 9 previous year. Similarly, the Note 10 will also be the first Note device to ship without a 3.5mm headphone jack. In a nutshell, we particularly like the way the front of the device looks.

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