I wanted to hit him - Kyrgios unapologetic over Nadal shot

Nick Kyrgios spotted in pub late on night before Rafael Nadal Wimbledon clash

Nick Kyrgios spotted in pub late on night before Rafael Nadal Wimbledon clash

They could hardly be more different, something Kyrgios underlined after he lost despite producing a 58-44 advantage in winners, including 29 aces - one a second serve at a tournament-high 143 miles per hour and a pair that he hit with an underarm motion.

Why hit a straightforward shot when you can do something spectacular? You need people like me.

Kyrgios twice out-witted Rafa with underhand serves, taking advantage of Nadal playing so far behind the baseline to return his serves, and won both points. It's fantastic. Like you guys are the best.

Kyrgios: I didn't hit him. "I couldn't really tell if it was Centre Court or Court 1, actually". Even when I lie.

Nick Kyrgios recognised a female reporter from the night before.

"Nothing. I don't want to step on a tennis court".

Kyrgios had been sparing with the umpire all match long, but he also extended a hand to him before exiting the court. I was going for him. They're probably still going to be there watching. "I mean, he was awful", Kyrgios said. Yeah, I wanted to hit him square in the chest. The bold incident was the talk of the gathered press after the match.

But there's a difference between attracting eyeballs and being popular. Kyrgios was angry after losing a challenge on his first serve and then smashed down the unstoppable second serve.

He said this week it's never nice waking up to negative things being said about him but he won't change for anyone.

"If we keep talking about him, it keeps happening".

Nick Kyrgios aces Nadal with an underarm serve! Kyrgios pulled out the tweener early on - in the second game, in fact.

In a gripping encounter that exceeded all the hype, Nadal avenged his stunning defeat to Kyrgios on the sport's most hallowed court five years ago with a pulsating four-set triumph.

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"I'm not sure. I got my house in the Bahamas". That's what I was thinking. "Why am I waiting to serve?" "I literally played this way that I beat you the other previous times and nothing changed". I am professional, so I know how to avoid this.

"Its been a tough journey and a process of learning and growing as a player and person", said Davis. Seriously, you don't brainwash anyone.

"You're no-one. You think you're important".

It's what makes Kyrgios such a divisive figure. "I don't know", he said after a lengthy pause. I won't train day in, day out.

"He has a lot of good ingredients".

"I wouldn't say that I was surprised, because I always believe in myself".

"I'm just high maintenance at times". This is Wimbledon, playing Rafa.

"I was like, "Oh, a little bit of a power trip there".

Nick Kyrgios isn't about that grand slam life.

R: Did you aim it straight at him? "Like I love doing the media", he said.

"That's two questions in a row; wait your turn". Some saying "good riddance", and others wishing we'd appreciated his genius more.

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