Intruder breaks into Buckingham Palace while queen sleeps metres away

The front gates of Buckingham Palace

The front gates of Buckingham Palace

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reacts during a visit to the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, England, Tuesday July 9, 2019.

She declined to say whether the Queen had been informed of the incident.

"The man was not found in possession of any offensive weapons and the incident is not being treated as terrorist-related", police said in a statement.

At their lowest point the gates are several metres high and stand well above head height.

The man, the police revealed on Thursday, has since been released from custody, but remains under investigation.

The 22-year-old man, who broke into the palace at 2am on Wednesday morning, was able to wander around for four minutes banging on the doors before he was apprehended.

The intrusion is a devastating blow to the security operation at the palace, which has been struck by a number of similar incidents.

"But obviously she was unfazed by it because later in the day she was seen awarding a medal to jazz musician George Crosby".

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The 64-year-old double-bassist accepted the award in person at a special audience with the Queen.

An insider told the newspaper: "There was an intruder at the Palace while the Queen lay sleeping in her bedroom and he was on the loose for a good few minutes before the cops arrested him".

However it is not known whether the man was arrested inside the building itself.

Two days later the Metropolitan Police apologised to the Duke of York after officers challenged him in the gardens of Buckingham Palace at around 6pm.

Police were anxious that this invasion was a copycat operation of a previous Buckingham Palace break in 37 years ago-this incident last night had nearly occurred on the exact date as the other one.

Police are said to have caught the intruder quickly after got into the grounds just off The Mall.

"I am grateful for their apology and look forward to a safe walk in the garden in the future".

Police had not indicated whether the breach would prompt a security review, according to The Guardian.

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