Rent in Ottawa out of reach for low-income earners, report finds

Rent in Ottawa out of reach for low-income earners, report finds

Rent in Ottawa out of reach for low-income earners, report finds

The resolve drops to a pair per cent of neighbourhoods when having a inspect on the affordability of two-bedroom objects.

But the report suggests that rental affordability, particularly in Canada's largest cities, is not strictly a concern for those earning the minimum wage.

The report defines "affordable" rent as 30% or less of a renter's pre-tax income, the same cut-off used by the federal government.

Minimum wage workers in Vancouver to cover the highest rent for a two-bedroom apartment would have to be 35,43 per hour.

The CCPA points out 4.7 million Canadians rent - they are mostly young adults, senior citizens and newcomers to Canada.

A person earning minimum wage would need to work 84 hours each week to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment in Metro Vancouver, or 112 hours a week for a two-bedroom according to data compiled by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

It also calculated how many hours should work the workers, earning minimum wage to afford the average apartment.

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Two-bedroom apartments are the most common kind of rental, the CCPA said.

The document being released Thursday by the Canadian Centre for Coverage Choices says any individual incomes minimum wage would most practical be ready to earn the money for a one-bedroom condo in 9 per cent of 795 neighbourhoods in Canadian cities within the behold. That's still less than the nearby Grandin neighbourhood, west of the core, where you would have to earn $32.10 - the highest rental wage in the city - to afford a two-bedroom unit, which is nearly as much as the average rental wage of $33.70 in Toronto. The highest two-bedroom rental wages are found in Toronto's downtown Bay Street corridor ($73.17/hr), Vancouver's North False Creek neighbourhood ($60.93/hr) and the Toronto waterfront and island area ($53.01/hr).

"The situation is somewhat better in Montreal where a full-time minimum wage worker could afford the average one-bedroom apartment in a fifth of the city's 97 neighbourhoods", writes study author David Macdonald.

Within the 1970s, he talked about, it wasn't unusual to behold 100,000 new, reason-constructed condo objects being constructed every twelve months, "which is an wonderful amount of recent condo housing being put into the market".

The ten-year national housing strategy also includes programs to build more rental housing in hopes a boost in supply will drive down costs. These programs jointly promise to deliver more than 110,500 new units by 2027-28.

Condos are also more expensive: In the Vancouver area, the average two-bedroom condo rented for more than $2,000 a month past year, compared with $1,649 for a two-bedroom apartment.

The CCPA said the report shows a short-term need for more rental subsidies from the federal government, and a long-term need for more affordable housing construction. In the long term, rental subsidies are no substitute for the construction of new affordable housing, which would increase vacancy rates, cool rental prices and allow more people to live closer to where they work.

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