Tesla opens solar-topped V3 Supercharger station on the Vegas strip

Tesla v3 supercharger

Tesla v3 supercharger

Since they aren't connected to the grid, the issue of stress on the electric lines is also resolved.

Now Musk is slowly beginning to keep true to that promise. That is exactly the spiel that Tesla is making in announcing its latest V3 Supercharger station right on Vegas strip to power over 1,500 Tesla cars. Caesars aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025 because of which it houses the new charging station.

The Powerpacks are to be charged with solar power during the day and supply the site with electricity at night. The result is a complete system that generates its own energy and passes it along to thousands of Tesla vehicles, " the TC report added. As a prime example, Tesla writes that its next-gen Supercharger can charge the long-range Model 3 up to 75 miles in just 5 minutes and 180 miles in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the Model 3 is only vehicle in Tesla's current lineup that can take advantage of the 250 kW charging.

The V3 site can serve up to 1,500 vehicles per day.

Currently, Las Vegas hosts over 6,500 Supercharging sessions each month.

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As for what it's capable of doing, Tesla explains that it can support a peak rate of up to 250kW, and is specifically created to significantly reduce charging time for drivers.

Tesla also shared the information via a fun tweet.

Supercharger prices have indeed increased over the previous year but adding a solar and battery system, though expensive at first, it might make a difference in the long term and prove to be a win-win situation for both the company and the customers. Looking to address the issue, Tesla this week provided us with more details regarding the next-gen version of its Supercharger station which can charge vehicles at a much faster clip. The second such charger is located near the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.

Tesla Powerpack batteries used in the V3 Supercharger are a true and tested product with a number of features.

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