This mobile malware has infected 15 million devices in India

This mobile malware has infected 15 million devices in India

This mobile malware has infected 15 million devices in India

Recently discovered a program called "Agent Smith" (named after the main anti-hero of the trilogy "the Matrix"), showed users unwanted ads.

A new strain of malware quietly has infected an estimated 25 million outdated Android devices.

Android users have been warned to watch out for a new form of mobile malware that cannibalises apps.

Many users were unaware that they had been infected. The game secretly replaces apps inside a users device with its infected versions. The team also concluded that "Agent Smith's" threat list "contain competitor apps of actor's legitimate business arm to suppress competition".

The dodgy apps work fine and are hard to detected as the malware is hidden from the device user.

The researchers believe that Agent Smith's author is working on to spread the malware infection on the Play Store.

"Hypothetically, nothing is stopping them from targeting bank apps, changing the functionality to send your bank credentials to a third party". The user sees a normal-looking app with overflowing ads.

The malware was first highlighted by Check Point Research when the team were alerted to a wave of malware attacks against users in India earlier this year. There has also been a noticeable number of infected devices in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh have also been impacted. And this is where the problem lies. "Following this, it can impact your other apps like WhatsApp or banking apps, that can compromise your private and confidential details".

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"With such a devious infection method of replacing existing device apps with the malicious version of those apps, users are reminded that apps should only be downloaded from trusted app stores to mitigate the risk of infection", he said. Currently, all bespoke apps have been taken down from the Google Play store.

In this regard, the specialists of the company recommend that owners of Android software use Ad Blocker, always update your device when prompted, and download apps only from the Google Play store.

Prevention is the best method, Check Point says, but with Agent Smith's covert ways, you'll need to be extra careful in order to avoid your device being infected. They could be installing ransomware, they could be copying your contacts. "A lot of people ignore it", he said.

Apple users aren't immune to malware either.

After all this Android user gets no clue about this malicious factor.

Is Agent Smith on your phone? But it's safe to not panic at this point because Google has done his anti-malware job and removed all the suspicious apps.

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