Trump says he wishes British ambassador well

Trump says he wishes British ambassador well

Trump says he wishes British ambassador well

Desperate to save the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), then-UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson flew to the USA in May 2018 to persuade President Donald Trump to abide by the accord.

Trump was hostile to the accord with Iran because it was "Obama's deal" according to the leaked diplomatic cable.

The cable sent out on May 8 previous year also claimed that the White House had lacked any strategy on how to handle the withdrawal and suggested that there were strong disagreements among Trump's closest advisers.

The Conservative leadership contender admitted he should have been more supportive of Sir Kim Darroch, and acknowledged that his refusal to explicitly back the ambassador had been a factor in his decision to step down.

But editors and senior politicians - including the two men vying to become the next prime minister - have criticised his warning against publishing further details.

The resignation of Kim Darroch came a day after Trump lashed out at him on Twitter describing him as "wacky" and a "pompous fool" after leaked documents revealed the envoy's dim view of Trump's administration.

In a statement, the London Metropolitan police's assistant commissioner, Neil Basu, said that "given the widely reported consequences of that leak", there had been "damage caused to United Kingdom worldwide relations" and that there "would be clear public interest in bringing the person or people responsible to justice".

The leak of the diplomatic cables - in which Sir Kim was critical of President Trump - led to a spat between the White House and Britain.

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"They think they know who did the leaking", a government source told the paper.

President Trump branded Sir Kim "a very stupid guy" and Sir Kim stepped down on Wednesday, saying it was "impossible" for him to continue.

His rival, Mr Johnson, said it was correct the person responsible for the leak was "hunted down and prosecuted" but it was wrong for police to target the media.

Mr Osborne, now editor of the Evening Standard, appeared to suggest the statement which called for any leaked documents to be returned to the Government was written by a junior officer and Mr Basu should distance himself from the comments.

"The publication of these specific documents, now knowing they may be a breach of the OSA, could also constitute a criminal offence and one that carries no public interest defense", said Neil Basu, who heads the investigation as chief of counter-terrorism unit.

The Mail on Sunday, which first obtained the trove of leaked memos, has not faced any legal repercussions for its decision to publish. It says that because the Iran nuclear deal was essentially seen as an Obama deal, Trump opted out of it without much regard for the consequences.

He added that it was "not news" that the United Kingdom and USA differ in their approach to preventing Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

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