Two New Islanders Are Headed For The Villa Tonight!

Two New Islanders Are Headed For The Villa Tonight!

Two New Islanders Are Headed For The Villa Tonight!

In tonight's episode, two brand new Islanders enter the villa fresh from tonight's Love Island results. So how will the newcomers fit in?

The 26-year-old air stewardess has reportedly told producers she wanted to leave after an overwhelming week where she split with "half boyfriend" Curtis Pritchard.

She is pals with some of the TOWIE cast and describes herself as "fun", "bubbly" and "fiery".

To stir things up, Chris has his eye on Maura Higgins - who is now getting to know Curtis Pritchard - and "is interested to see whether we clash or not".

Chris is a 28-year-old business development manager from Leicestershire.

Chris considers himself "the full package" and claims he can cook and clean but he's not into football.

Francesca is looking for someone who will really love and care for her.

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She said: "I've liked him from the beginning". Speaking about the cliffhanger, one person wrote: "Why bother leaving it on a cliffhanger when we all know Amy clearly stays because she walked today?! Love his snake hips". This further upset Amy when Curtis taught Maura to dance, something Amy had asked him to do with her multiple times but he hadn't. They were a bit awkward. After discussing their relationship, Curtis said he couldn't confirm that his head wouldn't be turned again, and they broke up.

Could she couple up with newly single Curtis?

Chris, on the other hand, has his sights set on Maura.

"She's said her goodbyes to everyone and it was all very emotional".

Upon hearing his interest in her, Amber says: "I'm shocked".

He added: "She has loads of banter and seems very easy to get on with. It will be interesting to see if we clash or not", he added.

Since Amy left of her own volition, this would mean that George and Lucie were voted out of the villa by their fellow islanders, joining Danny and Jourdan, who were dumped by the public on Monday night.

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