West Nile Virus tested positive in two local parks

LASALLE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT “Additional Birds Tests Positive for West Nile virus”     by Press release submission	 |  Sep 13 2018

LASALLE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT “Additional Birds Tests Positive for West Nile virus” by Press release submission | Sep 13 2018

"When temperatures increase, so do mosquito populations and disease risk, which pose a serious public health threat for our communities", said Susanne Kluh, director of Scientific-Technical Services at GLACVCD. One in five persons infected with the virus will exhibit symptoms.

A 74-year-old Imperial County man who died in June after contracting West Nile virus is believed to be the first death caused by the disease in the state in 2019, officials told the Los Angeles Times.

Luz Robles, a spokesperson for the Sacramento-Yolo mosquito control district, said that West Nile Virus activity has so far been slow this summer. Last July, the district restored to spraying pesticides by ground in Elk Grove after more than 30 West Nile cases were found in mosquitoes and dead birds in the Sacramento region.

To stay up-to-date on new West Nile Virus activity in the Antelope Valley and any mosquito-related information, visit at www.avmosquito.org or contact the Antelope Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District at 661-942-2917. These symptoms can last for several days to months.

The district reported there were 211 human cases and 11 fatalities in California previous year.

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According to the report, three of the cases involved symptoms of the central nervous system (encephalitis or meningitis) and two had milder symptoms of fever.

Monitoring for West Nile virus includes laboratory tests for mosquito batches, dead crows, blue jays, and robins, as well as testing humans with West Nile virus-like symptoms.

The Health Department asks people to take these precautions. Try to keep doors and windows shut. Residents should also remove standing water to prevent mosquito breeding. Residents are urged to apply mosquito repellant and wear long-sleeved shirts, trousers and socks and shoes, particularly at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.

Report locations where you see water sitting stagnant for more than a week such as roadside ditches, flooded yards, and similar locations that may produce mosquitoes. The local health department or city government may be able to add larvicide to the water, which will kill any mosquito eggs.

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