Would you let an Amazon robot into your house?

Amazon — Black Friday? Been there. Cyber Monday? Done that

Amazon — Black Friday? Been there. Cyber Monday? Done that

Prototypes of the device are said to be wider than the newest Echo, which allows Amazon to pack additional components within the speaker, including up to four tweeters. Bloomberg reports that Vesta, is being developed by Amazon Lab126 (the company's a research facility based in Sunnyvale, California). They've managed to carve themselves out a niche bit of the smart speaker market, but now Amazon wants in on the action, with the retail giant reportedly set to launch a high-end Amazon Echo speaker by next year.

Bloomberg also claims that Amazon could announce a new "higher quality Echo speaker" this year. Apple's HomePod hasn't sold as well as Cupertino had hoped, recently prompting the company to lower its price. The very same cameras would likely also turn the device into a mobile Ring video camera, which would alert users of any nefarious going-ons while the robot patrols your home.

Over a quarter of the adult US population now owns a smart speaker, with 61 percent using some kind of Amazon Echo device, according to a January 2019 industry survey. Sources say Amazon's robot prototypes are about waist-high and can be summoned with voice commands, with the device using a camera array and computer vision software to find its way around. Amazon is additionally arranging a high-constancy variant of its music administration, as indicated by Music Business Worldwide that should work better with the new Echo.

According to reports, Amazon's robot is known internally as "Vesta", and was originally meant to be shown off this year, although it's supposedly not yet ready to be mass-produced.

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We reached out to Amazon, but a spokesperson said the company does not comment on "rumours or speculation".

Amazon typically holds big product reveal events at its Seattle headquarters in September.

Reports about Amazon's home robot first emerged early past year. You can also create a routine using a smart plug to switch-ON the Geyser 15 minutes after your alarm goes off, or one that gives you weather forecast, and morning news when you say "Alexa, start my day".

Amazon is inching closer to making a wheeled robotic assistant that can be controlled via its Echo smart speakers. Other companies have attempted to release voice-enabled robots in the past, but few have seen mainstream success. This time around, it has revamped speakers and a feature called local voice control, which lets you adjust your various smart-home devices even if your internet connection is down.

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