Yanks' Boone suspended, "not real proud" of profane rant

Yankees manager Aaron Boone feels his club's starting rotation has been

Yankees manager Aaron Boone feels his club's starting rotation has been"underrated all year

Boone went off on the umpire after he was ejected from the game, prompting him to come out of the dugout to confront the official.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone has been suspended for one game for his rant that followed his ejection in a doubleheader opener against Tampa Bay.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone dropped a series of F-bombs on rookie home-plate umpire Brennan Miller on Thursday afternoon - and defended his hitters by calling them as "savages in the box".

Brett Gardner surely wants to leave his mark on Yankee Stadium.

After a strikeout, Gardner used the end of his bat as a battering ram, jamming it into the side of the dugout before moving on to its roof.

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"My guys are f**king savages in that f**king box, right?!" Microphones caught Boone yelling that the pitch was outside to Miller.

Miller, umpiring behind the plate for the fifth time in a major league game, called Aaron Judge out on strikes following DJ LeMahieu's leadoff double in the first. "And, you're having a piece of s**t start to this game".

"Brennan yesterday I thought certainly handled the situation with a lot more class than I did, but also I thought turned in a really good game", Boone said. He told Miller to "tighten it up right now, OK?"

Following the 6-2 victory, Boone admitted his emotions got the better of him.

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