You can now play Tennis just by searching ‘Wimbledon’ on Google

You can now play Tennis just by searching ‘Wimbledon’ on Google

You can now play Tennis just by searching ‘Wimbledon’ on Google

In conjunction with the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament that concludes this weekend (24 July), they've hidden an 8-bit mini-game Easter egg to pay tribute to the penultimate Grand Slam of 2019.

Users can then click on the tennis ball that appears in the far right of the score box that appears to play the mini-game, in which players take part in a rally with a robot.

It's one of many mini-games Google has added to its search engine over the years.

After typing in "Wimbledon", look for the small tennis ball in the search results box next to the "Mixed Doubles" option.

The first thing you'll need to do is open Google Search.

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Scrolling past headers for singles and doubles matches reveals a green tennis ball ― clicking or tapping on it prompts a pixel-art tennis game to load. For those looking to play the game on the mobile, they just have to tap left or right on their screen to play the game. When playing on the desktop, you'll use the keyboard's arrow buttons to move your character from left to right.

Playing against you is a robot that's just one of many robots that can appear in the game including a cat, and even an Android itself, which is just great. It's also available when looking for tournaments in years past too, such as when searching for scores from last year's Wimbledon tournament. Generally these games are modelleld around current events or festivals.

One of the world's greatest and most famous tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, is entering its final stages in the United Kingdom, and many tennis fans will be watching the matches when they can, or subsequently searching for scores online to find the outcome of those they missed.

Type in "Wimbledon" in Google Search to try it out for yourself. There's not much to the game itself, but it can get on your nerves because it's deceptively simple but hard to keep playing for long without missing shots, and one missed shot equals "game over".

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