AMD launches 2nd-gen Epyc processors

AMD launches 2nd-gen Epyc processors

AMD launches 2nd-gen Epyc processors

Aside from that, AMD was quoted saying earlier on Thursday (August 8th) that Alphabet Inc.'s Google LP had been using its second-gen EPYC server chips on multiple internal data centers over the recent past. Based on the new Zen 2 architecture that underpins the newly released Ryzen 3000 desktop processor family, EPYC 7002 chips bring a significant performance and density improvements over their EPYC 7001 predecessors.

AMD's ace in the sleeve is based on competing with the other manufacturers through a cheaper, yet a great product. This is the second generation of its server chips that are designed for high-performance operations in the cloud or in large enterprises.

"We are extremely proud to continue our relationship with HPE, a foundational partner for AMD EPYC, with their latest platforms. Its scalable compute, memory and I/O performance will expand out ability to drive innovation forward in our infrastructure and will give Google Cloud customers the flexibility to choose the best VM for their workloads", stated Bart Sano, Google vice president of engineering, in a press statement. Twitter announced that, because of the power reductions that come with the new chips, it plans to reduce costs related to data center infrastructure by 25%, says CNBC.

In terms of specs, the AMD EPYC Rome's flagship integrates 64-core, 128-thread 7742 chip, with 2.25 base frequency, a 256MB of total cache and comes with a price of at least $6,950.

The Epyc CPUs are also being put to work by the Air Force Weather Agency, which will use them in a Cray Shasta system to provide weather data to the US Air Force and Army; oo-rah.

The AMD EPYC Rome series is the descendant of the first generation AMD EPYC Naples CPUs which was launched a couple of years back.

Meanwhile, Paul Alcorn of tom's hardware believes the unveiling of AMD's EPYC 2 processors "marks not only the culmination of the company's big bets made years in advance, shrewd go-to-market strategies, and clever engineering, but it could also mark the beginning of the biggest upset in semiconductor history". Four percent use Arm-based systems.

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The increasing competition in the market of data center processor manufacturing will ensure that companies like AMD and Intel develop newer and more innovative chips that deliver higher performance and consume less power. "The new standard for the datacenter is Epyc".

The major features included in the AMD EPYC Rome series includes a totally redesigned execution pipeline as well as major floating-point advancements that doubled the bandwidth load or store units as well as the floating-point registers to 256-bit.

"Our goal is to make the data centers of today and tomorrow substantially better than the data centers of today", Su said during her keynote.

Architecture: The next-generation AMD Infinity Architecture pushes the boundaries for x86 performance and compute capabilities, giving customers access to the most I/O14 and memory bandwidth15 in its class, including PCIe Generation 4, to unleash the very latest in server performance.

- Leadership Security Features: Delivering "hardened at the core" features based on a silicon embedded security subsystem and advanced security features like Secure Memory Encryption and Secure Encrypted Virtualization that help customers guard their most important assets and data.

At the launching event, several partners and customers joined AMD on stage to talk about the AMD EPYC Rome series and what it offers.

AMD compared its 2nd Gen processor to Intel's processor at this event.

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