Cardi B Blasts NYPD On Instagram Over Friend's School Event

Cardi B Blasts NYPD On Instagram Over Friend's School Event

Cardi B Blasts NYPD On Instagram Over Friend's School Event

Cardi B is upset with the New York Police Department but all is not as it seems.

Star was coordinating a back-to-school drive out the kindness of her heart at one of her former schools, which was backed by her famous friend, Cardi B, but it's not even happening anymore and it's the NYPD's fault.

The Bronx-born rapper says her "homegirl Star" had planned a giveaway at a NY school to provide a positive, fun event for kids and help parents offset school supply costs. A representative for the school corroborated with the NYPD's story but it looks like they're not completely off the hook in Cardi's books.

"So my homegirl Star she was having a school giveaway in Brooklyn on the 27th but unfortunately it got shut down because the NYPD called the school principal of the location they was having the giveaway, and practically scared off the principal and now the shit got shut down", Cardi said. "This is a misunderstanding and the event will not be canceled. It was for kids to have a fun positive day and to benefit the parents with school supplies", she said, before turning her attention to the cops.

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The news comes as she prepares to take the stage at the VMAs on Monday, when she will become the first female rapper to accept the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

"I just find that s-t so f-ked up". "Fuck you and motherfucking suck a fart and suffocate on it. Fuck you".

Cardi B became friends with Star Brim while they were both working as strippers in Brooklyn.

Rap superstar Cardi B. says she doesn't mind paying taxes as long as she can see what they're going to; Peter Doocy reports.

The NYPD later responded through a spokesperson that it was "not aware of this event and had no involvement in the event being cancelled".

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