Danny Trejo Helps Rescue a Baby Trapped in Overturned Car

Hollywood actor Danny Trejo, known for his tough-guy roles in such films as "Machete", helped rescue a young boy who was trapped in a vehicle that overturned in a Los Angeles traffic collision on Wednesday.

It wasn't a stunt for an upcoming movie.

The legendary actor proved himself a most excellent samaritan by helping to save a baby trapped in an overturned vehicle on Wednesday.

The 75-year-old actor said he crawled into the wrecked vehicle from one side but could not unbuckle the child's auto seat from that angle, and another bystander, a young woman, was able to undo the buckle. With the help of another bystander, Monica Jackson, they were able to free the child.

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Trejo said he tried crawling in through a broken window but couldn't get the seat belt unhooked.

KABC-TV reported that nobody was seriously injured, although three people, including the grandmother and young boy, were taken to a hospital for medical evaluation.

While Trejo is being praised for his heroism, he explained to ABC 7 "the only thing that saved that little kid was his auto seat, honest to God". Their injuries were not life threatening.

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