Devin Booker upset about being double teamed in pickup game

Devin Booker got upset over being double-teamed in a pickup game. Joakim Noah was having none of

Devin Booker got upset over being double-teamed in a pickup game. Joakim Noah was having none of

Whether it was in the National Championship game, the Eastern Conference Finals, or a pick up game, you could guarantee Noah would leave it all on the floor.

National Basketball Association players spend much of the offseason competing against each other in stacked pickup games and open gyms.

The double team - who, ironically enough, was Tony Snell coming over to trap Booker in the corner - was sent by Noah, who doesn't appear to care all that much that Booker is upset. Players often participate in these runs to showcase what they've learned or added in the early part of the offseason and put it to work before training camp, where they will see plenty of double-teaming and pressure situations ahead of an 82-game campaign.

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That would probably be more productive than going iso against no defense. And since Booker gets doubled a lot, he would benefit from practicing against them. So good. This clip is like a father teaching his son a hard lesson. It's an opportunity for players to work on their games in a competitive setting.

Booker caught a pass at the baseline and was met with a flashing double-team after holding the ball a few seconds in isolation, telling Noah, "Hey bro, we not doubling in open gym". If Booker wants to chuck up shots by basically playing against air, he should go to whatever gym Hoodie Melo plays at.

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