EU's Juncker tells Britain: no-deal Brexit will hurt you the most

Brexit Betting Boris Johnson No Confidence Vote Odds Tumble

Brexit Betting Boris Johnson No Confidence Vote Odds Tumble

Johnson is seeking to fix his relations with business leaders after he was quoted a year ago using a strong expletive to condemn business, in response to corporate concerns about the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on the economy.

"The government may try and reduce the barriers to entry for scientists but they can not reduce turmoil that would be caused to science in the United Kingdom by a no-deal Brexit", Geim told The Times yesterday.

Talking about immigration system and fast track visa route she said, "We want Britain to be the most prosperous economy in Europe with an immigration system that attracts the brightest and best global talent". It can act retrospectively.

If that were to happen, it would be deemed that Britain had not in fact ever left and was still an European Union member state. The EU would have to agree - and they probably would.

The professor from King's College London also suggested that the MPs could repeal the (Notification of Withdrawal) Act in another bid to stop Mr Johnson's Brexit plans.

Whether a parliamentary vote of no-confidence in the government would prove successful is another matter, however, but with a tiny majority of just one, it's entirely possible Johnson may be forced into calling an election, almost two years earlier than now scheduled.

Jeremy Corbyn has urged a top civil servant to block Boris Johnson from pushing through a no-deal Brexit if an election is called.

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They used three decades of data on the ecosystem and mercury concentrations and developed a model for mercury bioaccumulation. Using this understanding, the researchers also modelled the mercury levels found in Atlantic BlueFin Tuna (ABFT).

It comes after Mr Corbyn wrote to Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill on Thursday accusing Mr Johnson of plotting an "unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power".

Mr Johnson has a working majority in Parliament of just one.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is drawing up plans for a bailout fund to prop up businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit, The Times reported.

In his letter, he demanded urgent clarification of the purdah rules, which are meant to prevent the government taking major policy decisions, including no-deal Brexit, during an election campaign.

If the Government was to fall, an alternative Government could take power - either a Labour or a national unity administration.

The former leader of the Lib Dems, who has been succeeded by Jo Swinson, said the United Kingdom has been in a constitutional crisis "for quite a long time" as he claimed that many Tory MPs would support such an administration to block no deal.

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