Facebook is finally testing Dark Mode

Facebook is finally testing Dark Mode

Facebook is finally testing Dark Mode

Facebook added one earlier this year to its Messenger app, and it's now working on a less blinding version of its primary Facebook app as well. There's no official word on it but a hint was dropped in the set of codes, found by a researcher named Jane Manchun Wong, in the Android app.

Nevertheless, it's a refreshing change for the app, which became even brighter and whiter with the launch of the new FB5 interface earlier this year. The new look is said to be in the works and there's no word as to when this will roll out.

The dark color scheme is clearly still a work in progress, and Manchun Wong's discoveries show some of the problems that have dogged many other apps' dark modes, including dark colored text that's nearly unreadable against a black background. Increasing demand for dark modes and the economization of AMOLED displays has persuaded developers to include a native dark mode/theme in their apps.

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Different users prefer dark modes for different reasons; some want it for because apps with darker backgrounds are easier on the eyes, some prefer the elegant aesthetics, while others just love to extend their smartphones' battery backup.

There's no real timeline for dark mode's public release, but Wong says that "it could take time" for an app such as Facebook.

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